Copycats and morons will always exist what can I do about it? Rid the earth of them? Not a bad idea :P But since there is too many and I have so little time to go out on a rampage here is a note about copyright :

If you were not behind the camera and were not the finger who pressed the button to take the shot YOU DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE. I chose to display my art on the internet regardless because I beleive in creativity and because I beleive in inspiring the people who share the same passion for art as myself.

This said:
1- I don't mind if you pick some pictures off my website or use them in your own website as long as you don't claim them as your own and please keep the credit on the images. I keep the originals of all the pictures I post on here so you can't get away with plagiarism if I find you.
2- I certainly don't mind if any of you masters of digital art want to use my stuff in your work as long as you credit me for the parts you have used and use it ONLY for show. I do NOT allow anyone to sell prints made fully/partly with any of my images. If one should make money off of my work it should be ME! Also if you use my images in your manipulations SHOW ME WHAT YOU DO WITH IT! I might even display it in here when ever I set up my fanart section.